Top 16 Crucial Website Design Elements for Your Business Website

Website design elements are crucial factors that affect customer buying behavior. In this piece, we will tackle important points if having a website is a necessity, why web design is a priority and crucial web design elements that you might want to pay attention to if you are looking forward to having a professional and compelling website to expand your business sales distribution.

Do you need a business website?

Is having a website a necessity for your business? If you are content with your current sales strategy, distribution, and whatnot, you are free to think that perhaps having a website is not necessary for you. But if you are looking to expand your sales distribution online to increase sales and business visibility, then you might want to consider getting a business website.

The following are self-explanatory benefits when your business has a website:

  • Expand your customer reach
  • Boost your business credibility
  • Saves you time from back-and-forth Q&A with customers

If you think it is expensive and time-consuming, yes, in some cases, but we guarantee there are a lot of web design agencies in New Zealand that offer affordable and impeccable web design services, all it takes a little bit of your time searching online.

There is no guarantee that you will have the best return of investment when you get a website, but that is only normal, because every business decision comes with a risk, and every investment does not guarantee a return of investment. There is no reward, without risk, right?

Is Website Design Important in Your Business Website Aspect?

Website design is crucial in your business website because it reflects your business DNA online. It is a wise investment to improve first impressions and overall user experience. Its potential return of investment could be the following;

Positive user experience (users are more likely to bookmark your website and refer it)
More user engagement (users are more to navigate to other important pages of your website)
Fewer bounce rates (users are more likely to take more actions rather than visit the website and do nothing)
More conversions (users are more likely to convert as paying customers)
Rank faster on search engines (will help you compete toe-to-toe with your competitors online when your customers search your products and services online)

16 Crucial Website Design Elements for Every Business Website

  1. Navigation: Easy navigation increases the positive user experience. It encourages web visitors to navigate to other important landing pages of your website such as the services page, the products page, the about us page, and the contact us page. An excellent web design agency will provide a site map and communicate its importance during the designing phase.
  2. Font: it should be consistent with your brand to differentiate your brand from your competitors and should be easy to read.
  3. Responsive Hero Images: it improves the visual experience and conveys your brand’s story without relying too much on text. It also encourages users to scroll down to find more information.
  4. Short Videos: videos are great at highlighting your products and services, without overwhelming the users with long descriptions that they must-read.
  5. Short Animations: this will stop users from skipping through your content and improves average user duration. You might want to pay attention to average user duration if you prefer to rank your business website on search engines like Google.
  6. Semi-Flat Design: It is perfect for visual experience and improves your business website loading speed.
  7. Content: this is the bread and butter of your website. The content of your website is the reason why users are on your website in the first place, and it is the number 1 determining factor of SEO. You should pay more attention to the quality of content and its readability. Paragraphs should be divided into smaller pieces, and headlines should be big enough to capture users’ attention.
  8. Call to Action: well written, designed, and perfect placement of call to actions can increase your website conversions exponentially. It means more paying customers. One of our UIX designers defines this, holding hands with the user throughout the journey and presenting them the “call to action,” the moment they cannot resist but to say yes.
  9. Clarity: sharp images and graphics improves the user’s experience and elevates your business credibility.
  10. SEO: your website design is only important if your customer can find you online. You should communicate with your web design provider and make sure both of you are on the same page. Your business website should guarantee a better user experience than your competitors and be well optimized for search engines.
  11. Interaction: an effective web design engages with the user and keeps their attention, as well as encourages them to call or email you to inquire more about your products and services.
  12. Contact Details Access: you ought to make sure that your contact details can be found easily on every page of your website such as footer and header because not everyone is looking for detailed product or service descriptions all the time.
  13. Intuitiveness: the difference between a professional website designer and whatnot, is that the former can anticipate what the user is thinking and knows how to cater to their needs. A good website landing page has the right information the user is looking for, without forcing them to read throughout to find the content they are looking for.
  14. Branding: your website design should reflect your company’s branding, to improve your business credibility and to help users identify your business brand from your competitors.
  15. Consistency: you have to make sure your business website is consistent in different browsers (Safari, Google, Explorer, Firefox, or suchlike) and well optimized for desktop and mobile.
  16. Turnaround Time: you should communicate with your web design provider and make sure you are on the same page with turnaround time. You have to remember that your goal in getting a business website is to increase your sales, and you might lose business opportunities when the turnaround time is longer than necessary.

When Do You Need to Hire a Web Design Agency?

Now. The fact that you have read until here means you already understand its value. Having a website is a must, and the longer you do not have one, means you are missing the opportunity to rank your website higher on search engines since one of the keys determining factors of Google Website Authority is your website age.

How Much Do You Need to Spend When You Hire a Web Design Agency?

Less. There are many local companies in New Zealand like Digicreators who provide affordable and impeccable web design services. You may contact them HERE. Thus, you can grow your business without the need to worry about spending more.

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