How Digital Marketing has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

Things were simpler ten years ago. Smartphones were not as sophisticated as it is today and people were not as connected as we are now.

Thanks to the internet, people have access to more information than ever before. They can easily decide about a product or service based on what they learn about them online. The internet is also the reason for the transformation of digital marketing in the last ten years.

It has dramatically changed the way businesses market their products and services. If before they rely on print and TV to advertise their brand to their customers, today the increased use of the internet has paved the way for websites and social media platforms as avenues for marketing.

Over the last decade, the digital marketing industry has grown exponentially and judging by the number of digital marketing companies out there, it has to keep up with the new developments in technology, trends, Google, and many more.

Let us take a look at these changes and how a digital marketing company is responding to them.

Websites & Mobile Users

A decade ago, having a website was a novelty, and only big companies took it seriously. It was the emergence of mobile advertising that companies and businesses realized the need for having one. As more people gain access to the internet using their smartphones, having a website is necessary for these organizations.

The internet made it easier for businesses to target their potential clients with mobile advertising. Thanks to the more accessible internet, it is now an essential part of digital marketing strategy. Apple was right when they introduced apps on their campaigns because mobile websites and apps work hand in hand to dominate the market.

Social Media and Influencers

Social media used to be more about keeping in touch with friends and family when it was introduced more than ten years ago. It was a means for people to stay connected, as Facebook was described back then.

A decade later, it transformed from a place to connect with family and friends to a media outlet where the big players in every industry are positioning themselves. It becomes a platform where an ordinary guy can be your next influencer and monetize. Social media influencers have become the sought-after endorsers of every type of product and service to their thousands, if not millions of followers.

We cannot deny the impact of social media on our lives. Its influence has compromised elections, initiated social reforms, and significantly affected how digital marketing works. Social media advertising is now a necessary tool in digital marketing strategies to tap potential customers among the 3 billion and more subscribers continually growing day by day.

Search Engine Optimization and Content

If you were in marketing ten years ago, search engine optimization was not as relevant as today. Back then, there is a rampant practice of content stuffing to rank on the search engine pages. However, when Google labeled keyword stuffing as a black hat SEO tactic everything has changed.

Google began rewarding websites that provide value based on their content. SEO has become all about content, and the company with the best content gets top ranking on Google. It regularly updates its algorithm, and only those companies who are using the best SEO practices are reaping the rewards of their efforts. Today, companies hire an SEO company to ensure that their website is ahead in the rankings.

Consumer Expectations

The changes in digital marketing in the last decade will not be complete without discussing consumer expectations. All the changes we have talked about have given rise to the savvy consumer. They are adept at researching about the brand, from its price to its reviews.
Today, consumers are hard to please. And it has an impact on how a digital marketing company responds to their expectations. Every clever business must have strategies in place to respond to its consumer’s needs. These responses are what our digital marketers of today are good at.

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