10 Ways to Turn Your Website Copy Into a Winning Sales Pitch

Your website copy should be able to get you a good number of paying customers, without overwhelming them with customized proposals, back and forth Questions and Answers through phone and email inquiries, long meetings, and whatnot. Hence, you need to turn your website copy into a winning sales pitch.

Why Do You Need a Website Copy With a Winning Sales Pitch?

Anthony Lannarino, an international speaker and best seller author, once quoted, “care enough to create value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy.”

You might not be selling anything on your website, but Anthony’s valuable advice can be perfectly applied whether you’re in the business of educating people on practical skills or selling products and services.

Your website copy should provide value to your website visitors, and in this piece, we went the extra mile to craft 9 Ways to Turn Your Website Copy Into a Winning Sales Pitch.

This easy to understand list will guide you to achieve the following;

  • Positive experience
  • Increase conversions
  • Turn visitors into brand ambassadors

#1 Prioritize the Benefits

A good copy focuses on highlighting the benefits of your products and services over its features and functionalities, to hook the audience’s attention, and encourages them to scroll down to find more information about the product.

#2 Address Common Objection

You have to handle common objections ahead of time to flatten any preconceived doubts in your audience’s mind. It will motivate them to learn more about your brand, your products, and your services.

#3 Large and Informative Headlines

Your headlines should be big enough to easily capture your audience’s attention and should define the problems of your audience that you would like to solve. Its purpose is to hook your audience’s attention and encourage them to scroll down for more information.

#4 Write From the User’s Perspective

Think about why you have a website copy in the first place, and think about who you like to cater it for. By speaking their language, describing their problems, and offering sound solutions, they are more likely to take more actions and convert as paying customers.

#5 Consistent Voice of Customer Use

The voice of customers is commonly used in analyzing your customer wants and needs, and prioritizing it on order based on importance level. In short, the Voice of customer is their expectations of your products and services in their language.

The tone and style of your website copy should be consistent with your brand to define your brand from your competitors. It increases your persuasiveness when you reach out to your prospects with your website copy.

#6 Include Relevant Quotes and Statistics

Adding relevant quotes, statistics, and data adds credibility to your website copy. Most importantly, buying customers like to see numbers and data to reinforce their decision to buy your products and services.

#7 Concise Call to Action

The call to action is the most important part of your website copy. This is where the make or break happens. Make sure to have a simple, concise, and clear call to action with a fill-up form so users know exactly what they are getting when they submit their information.

#8 Execute A/B Testing

It is crucial to conduct A/B testing on the important pages of your website to see which copy style is more likely to get more conversions. This is especially true with your Call to Action placements, font sizes and color, and format.

#9 Free of Grammatical Errors

If you decide to write your website copy, we highly recommend proofreading it more than once, or better yet, use tools like Grammarly to ensure your copy is free of grammatical errors.

#10 Search Engine Optimized

You have understood that your website copy is only good if it can be found online. To achieve it, your target keywords must be present on your website copy, and your website pages are optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and or suchlike. Better yet, hire a professional SEO company to increase your website visibility online.

Short Conclusion

You ought to have a systematic approach in your website copy to make it more engaging, valuable, and share-worthy content without overwhelming your audience on long narratives of features and functionalities, why they should subscribe or hire you, and whatnot.

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