10 Useful Tools for Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the way we live over the last 10 years. From a platform where we post our photos and musings, it has become a major player in marketing. A company can drive thousands of visitors to their website just by effectively using social media.

However, great social media does not become successful overnight. It takes a carefully managed and executed strategy delivered in tune with the latest trends, tools, and practices.

There are social media schedulers that make staying active and getting engaged more convenient. As such, brands can have a greater impact on their followers.

To be ahead in the race and keep your social media channel competitive in 2021, here are the tools that should be in your arsenal.

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In social media, visual content gets more engagement than text. Take your visual content to the next level with Bitable. This tool can create engaging, informative, and entertaining videos to post on your social media channel.


  • Free video templates, footage, music, videos, animated scenes
  • Cheapest tool in the market
  • Most features are available on free accounts


From being a scheduling tool on Twitter, Buffer now supports all major social media platforms from Facebook to Linkedin. This dashboard is all you need. It can help your social media feed to have exciting and relevant content without spending too much time logged in to your account.


  • It has a chrome extension to share content anywhere
  • Automatically shortens the links you share
  • Upload your videos and photos from articles you shared
  • Complex analytics to review your content’s performance
  • Create a posting schedule that spreads out through the day


It is a toolkit you need for your Instagram promotion and is used by influencers and digital marketers alike. With Ingramer you can grow your followers, curate your content and track your competition under one tool.


  • Set auto-replies, categorize clients, and manage your messaging
  • Schedule posts and stories
  • Generate hashtags
  • Save content from other social media channels
  • Find influencers, partners, and competitors


This tool is great for team collaboration as it can help you add your team members to create content and publish. With ContentCal, you can make a visual content calendar and get approvals without hassle.


  • Team collaboration for the content creation
  • Easy approval workflows
  • Visual content calendar
  • Detailed analytics
  • Content hub to share and store ideas
  • Easy content management


This tool can help digital marketers and businesses efficiently manage their social media account. It can also help brands build healthy relationships with their followers.


  • Allows personalized content
  • Help schedule posts in advance
  • Reschedule posts over and over
  • Engage in social conversations in one tool


In social media marketing, you need to know what your competitors are doing and how your content is faring. Research is made easy with a tool like Buzzsumo.


  • See which content is most shared on social media channels
  • Find the influencers on a specific topic
  • Get alerts on keywords, links, brand name, domain, and author’s name
  • Track competitors and analyze based on the content
  • Research keywords and trending topics based on your audience’s interest


This tool can automate the creation of social media content by scraping your blog content post and creating more content for posting. You can focus on creating long-form blog posts while the tool takes care of social media promotion and scheduling of posts.


  • Templates for content creation
  • Post Scheduler
  • Facilitates client approval
  • Custom URL shortener
  • Weekly report


This social media marketing tool can help you manage your social media account by sharing your content while optimizing your traffic.


  • Web plugin that populates your social media channel with posts
  • Check-in from wherever you are
  • Schedule re-sharing
  • Monitor traffic while boosting engagement
  • Automated auto-refill queue
  • Category-based scheduling tool
  • spocURL-shortener and in-app click tracking


Hootsuite lets you handle all your social media accounts under one dashboard. It allows for collaboration for team members and an easier approval process.


  • See all the comments and mentions in one place
  • Assign tasks
  • Create a social media calendar
  • Schedule updates
  • Integrate all your social media accounts and get an in-depth breakdown of analytics

This feature-filled tool that social media marketing agencies use in managing brands can help automate plenty of tasks across social media platforms and blogs. It can also help increase productivity, engagement and deliver the best results.


  • Manage Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and blogging in one place
  • Automates the posting process with a scheduler
  • Recommendations to increase followers
  • Free use for Personal Suite plan

There are a lot of great social media marketing tools to choose from and many more to come. The key to finding an effective tool is spending time to see which improves your marketing game. Be brave to add new tools to your kit and have fun using them.

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